Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Night Out with Evans. ;)


Got a night with my high school classmates after our review.:-$ don't tell anyone shh! This should be kept secret. While enjoying, me and my co-reviewers were careful not to bump with our Clinical Instructors and not to drink because the day after the night will be having an exam.O:-) angel 
Our driver.
Meeting place at Paseo.
Ended up having dinner at Mang Paeng's Inasal.
Picture Taking while waiting for Dana Borja just outside Mang Paeng's Inasal.
And on the way to the second STOP. --> to Pasonanca Park.
Last photo of the night. We are at Tapa Bar cooling the night off with some beers but we didn't drink coz we'll get dizzy the next morning if we did'@^@||| dizzy

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