Saturday, April 7, 2012


One tiring day when I got home..

I ate this Gardenia, Chocolate Chip Flavored (that was given by one of our boarders) to fill up my hungry stomach while waiting for the hotdogs to be cooked.
 And it surely sticks with their logo that says it's "Masarap..kahit walang palaman". 

I got some rice and ate 2 sticks of hotdogs fried by my sister . The feeling of fullness1!

I'm now satisfied with my early dinner but look what I found in our freezer!

The Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Rhea gave me as pasalubong. Thanks again!
KK Original Glaze, sure does melts in your mouth. Can be eaten hot or cold, doesn't matter because it still is yummy! 

And the new white chocolate ice cream Cornetto by Selecta. I taste real white chocolate here till the last. 

Wonder why KK is found in the freezer? Well, it's because of the brownout in Zamboanga and I got them before heading to school and to some places that it's glaze is kinda melting. :P This is not really food overload but I ate all these in one afternoon.

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