Sunday, December 2, 2012

Golf Beach 2 with PM and NIGHT shiftees

12-01-12 Yes! Second time around at the beach with them.
I wasn't sure that very morning if I should go because I just recovered from tonsillitis and I was not allowed to go out yet. BUT! at 3-11 will be duty time, just shifted, so I planned to go there at the beach right before I go to duty. 

And what is luck! got there all ready for duty, my new found friends are waiting for me, when I walked in, they got their cameras ready and took a shot of me.
They were so happy i arrived. They shouted my name and sir Gelo asked why am I absent at my last NIGHT shift duty. huhu. Then and there they took photos of us together. 
We talked and talked and then others, my co-shiftees, changed clothes and then we went on to race to time for our duty. hohoho! arrive 13minutes late. GOOD VIBES!

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