Tuesday, November 20, 2007

4th year as a hiGh schOOL student

As a high school student, one requirement to pass is to do your research paper in english grammar and composition AND research paper in MORALITY... heck hell of researches to make PLUS.. DEFENSE after the research is done..
after those steps in making thesis statement, outlines and of COURSE narrowing your topic.. NOW, we are ON writing our researches in the yellow pad.. PLUS waking up early every morning for regular stamps and bonus stamps if there are.. AND staying up late just to make 3-full pages for a regular stamp and also 3-full pages for a bonus stamp...
PLUS..PLUS... not enjoying this year's ATENEO FIESTA because of documenting our papers during those days.. HELL with that..
BUT, it was awfully fun making it.. pushing yourself to do it in the wee hours and waking up early for stamps.. BOnus is you get 2 big eyebugs for it... and a lot of stress for you..

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